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With woodcut as my passion and as my medium I have an organic source to create my equally organic concept of earth and humanity. The black and white allows me to express dramatic, emotional and sensual images that could be lost or overshadowed by color. The carving techniques I have developed allow me to create a halftone and a softened texture that is very distinctively my own style. With these techniques I am able to achieve a volume and depth not usually seen in other woodcuts. I balance light and dark, texture and solid to give balance to my artistic vision.

I create strong women-positive woodcut prints that reflect the strength, beauty and diversity of Mother Earth. I create these images by interweaving the human figure with elements of the landscape. I then transfer this image to the woodcut board, carving with small woodcut carving tools, dental tools and wire brushes to create the images and textures that I desire. The board is then inked and printed on Arches paper in an edition of 150 or less. Every print in this edition is "hand-pulled" meaning the board must be individually inked and printed to create each original and unique print.

My woodcut landscapes are universally appealing. My images allow us all to feel connected to the earth and to nature's elements feeding the spirit and the soul. The world we live in attempts to separate us rather than to nite us. I see a universal life force flowing throughh all things that is the binding force. My woodcuts are created to celebrate this interconnectedness of all beings to one another and to the earth.

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